Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Dream

So there have been two "themes" (for lack of a better word.. ideas? principles?) that have been running through my mind that I've wanted to blog about for sometime. But I don't know if I have the words to say what I want to say. So while attempting to talk about one, I'm secretly hoping that deep down inside I'll be able to tie the two together. We'll see. And if not, then I'll blog about the other one later. I will. I promise.

One "theme" that this post is starting out about, is on a dream that I had about a year ago. It was special----sacred, even. But as this semester has rolled along, not only have I been finding that my thoughts continually wander back to it, but more than ever my desire to share this dream, has become ever-stronger. I've shared it with a few very close friends, but now I feel like the time has come for me to share it publicly. Maybe this will be the fulfilling purpose of my dream.

I write this hoping that all who read it will take it as it is, but also realize how the symbolism of the dream is very much reality. This dream changed a perspective on life for me. Like I'm not even kidding---it has opened me eyes to the reality of different situations that I otherwise would never have seen as they truly are. I hope that those reading this can take the message of this dream and also see the truth of what is surrounding us: we are at war.

So last October-ish, I had this dream where it started out that I was with my sister Aline. We were running all over the place (literally, all over the world, in old abandoned houses, up castle roofs, through every nook and cranny). We were looking for something, and we were absolutely determined to find it. At this point in my dream, I didn’t consciously realize what exactly we were looking for, but our determination and conviction outweighed that. We were dead set on finding it. (Typical determination of a Longstaff, no? haha)

The scene now changes abruptly, where me and Aline and my good friend Abu (from Brighton camp) are sitting together on this comfy chair in the middle of the day, outside in a nice green beautiful park. The weather was perfect. We were sitting in front of a camera man and a news reporter, and there was a crowd of people gathered around waiting intently for what we had to say. We told everyone what we had been searching for, and what we had found: Satan.

I know that sounds kind of weird. But it wasn’t in a bad or negative or dark way. We had found him in the sense that we had exposed him. We looked into that camera and we were telling the WHOLE world who he was and his crimes against Humanity.  My heart was so full of conviction. I wanted everyone to know who he was and what he had done to hurt everyone, so they could know of his heinous crimes for themselves, and be warned; be protected.

As we continued to be reported on, I notice someone in the back of the crowd. It was that evil man, himself. I could see him. He stood there, tall dark and handsome, wearing a fedora (haha basically meaning that he was suave and extremely good-looking). But he was staring at me. He had a look on his face that I will never forget. He was smiling a charming, smooth-like smile, like he had complete control. But when you looked into those cloudy grey eyes of his, you could tell that he was stark. raving. mad. He was screaming inside. He was viciously angry.. the kind of anger that you know revenge will follow after. 

Anyway, when our time was up for the news broadcast, the thought hit me: Something bad was going to happen to me. Satan was upset and was going to take his revenge out on me... because I EXPOSED him. I wanted the whole world to know who he was. I wanted them to be warned, I wanted them to know so they could protect themselves, so they could fight him the way I was fighting him. They needed to know! So I knew that only one thing was true: He was going to get me back. Ironically, the thing about me knowing this... was that I didn't care. There wasn't a single atom in my body that cared. I wanted everyone to know that he was real. I wanted the world to know (all of God's children) who he was, and I was completely willing to accept the consequences. My love for mankind far outweighed the knowledge, that I would be hurt. I just didn't care. I wanted them to save themselves.

The rest of my dream was spent going around telling people I loved how much I cared for them and how grateful I was for them in my life. I told them I probably would never see them again because I knew Satan was coming after me, but in my heart I didn’t care what he was going to do. So I expressed my love. 

I often look back on that dream and think about how real it is. It wasn’t just a dream. We really are in this battle against him. We are fighting against him, and he hates us because of it.. because we are trying to be good, because we are trying to help others. And because of all this, there is one more thing that you need to know: you’ve already won. He can’t beat you, because you’ve already won. You kept your first estate (your body).. the one thing that he so desperately wanted/still wants. And because of that, you’ve already won!! He won’t ever get a body, he won’t ever get a family. You are going to resurrect, and by keeping your baptismal covenant you already qualify for (the lowest level) of the celestial kingdom. He hates you, and he hates me, and he hates everyone who is trying to do good.. He is trying to make you feel bad, he is trying to bring you down with your trials. He only tries because he wants to make us as miserable as we can be along the way. What--a psycho! Haha. The only thing he can do is discourage you. That's it! So laugh in his face! (If you couldn't tell before, then you probably can tell now... but I desperately hate him. He's so mean.)

The righteous will suffer in this life, but it will be more than worth it in the end. The prize will be so good we cannot even fathom how glorious it will be. (Romans 8:18- “For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us”)

So that's all friends. I will write more later. I need to post about 1 Cor 13:1-3.. cause its been on my mind for months. But I just haven't found the right words to say about it yet. So until then, read it. Savor it. Oh, its so good!

I hope that you always remember where you stand, and that in the end, you can't be beat. You can do all things through Christ (Phil 4:13), so laugh in the adversary's face. He's a fool. He only wants to hurt your feelings, and hurt everyone you love. As you struggle, and as your faith is tried, just remember one thing: you've already won. 


  1. Such powerful, beautiful words. Thanks for posting this Yellow. You are amazing. Love you.

  2. I'm so glad that you decided to publicly share this. What an incredible dream. I love your conviction and purity. Thanks so much for sharing! I love you Yellow! -Bounce